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About Us

 Our headquarters RECAP Investments Inc. located in Toronto, Canada, it is a leading management and investment firm specializing in purchasing, selling, renting and developing income-generating properties in fast-growing regions of Central America.

We have 4 developments in 3 countries (Honduras, Costa Rica & Panam√°), with over 1,000 satisfied owners. Our communities are focused on resort and residential living, in green, eco themed environments.


 We are a company committed to preserving the Guanacastecan biodiversity. We aim to reduce the impact of mass tourism by continuously searching for a balance in the reciprocal relationship between humans and our natural environment. Additionally, we support local development by supporting local businesses that surround our project. This also helps guarantee a variety of culinary experiences and traditional Costa Rican activities for our clients, while also  a life quality improvement of locals.


With our hard work, our commitment, and with our respect for the environment, we are convinced that in 2025 we will be an Eco-Community that is completely auto-sustainable.   Owners and visitors will have everything they need, hassle free and in a timely fashion, without compromising our  important connection with the environment. We aim to keep the traditional Costa Rican peace for a country that has opened its borders to all so that everyone can enjoy its wonderful landscapes and amazing natural beauty.